Park Calendar Schedule for Unsubsidized Busking

Advance calendar scheduling:

  • One slot per week may be scheduled in advance thru the entire season. “Weeks” run from Mon – Sun. Please avoid advance booking of two dates on same weekend, and limit yourself to one Friday and one Saturday per month.

  • Second slot per performer may be added within three days of prospective second date. (Example: If you are already booked for a Friday slot, but by the Wed before that gig, a desirable Sat slot is still open, you may then schedule a second slot).

  • Additional slots may also be scheduled 24 hours prior, if the slot is still open, regardless of the number of slots previously scheduled that week. Please keep in mind that music variety from show to show is recommended, please be mindful of wearing out one’s welcome.

  • Time slots

  • When selecting a calendar time slot, include only the actual performance time. Sound system set up or take down time need not be included. There is plenty of room for one entity to set up while another is still performing.

  • Three hours is a general guideline for maximum slot length.

  • On-the-spot opportunities

  • If you arrive in town and no one is scheduled or playing in Harbor Park, please do not set up to play without first putting it on the calendar, since another performer may simultaneously decide to play and reserve it on the calendar.

  • If someone has booked a slot but has not shown up, please wait one half hour after their start time, and then you may fill it. Please inform the calendar coordinator of any no shows.

  • Date removal courtesy

  • If, due to weather forecast, conflicting gigs, etc., you are unable to perform on a scheduled date, please remove it from the calendar ASAP so others can fill it.

  • Performance Guidelines

    Volume Levels

    The current privilege that allows amplified music in the park should not be taken for granted. Volume can be a touchy subject for many musicians but should not be. 200 foot clarity is the optimal. Repeated input that your volume level is too loud or inappropriate means you are too loud and it is inappropriate. We want the locals to appreciate us for our contributions to the community, not be annoyed by us.

    Tips and Selling of Merchandise

    Buskers using the Grand Marais Music Collaborative (GMMC) busking program are covered under the GMMC vendor’s permit and are allowed to both take tips and sell merchandise.

    Law adherence

    Be aware of and in compliance with all local laws regarding alcohol and drug use on public property, and update band members accordingly.

    Performers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult during the entirety of their performance

      Park Calendar Schedule for Unsubsidized Busking